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Date:Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Maximum Depths - (Fresh)
Harbor Entrance - 47.0 ft
Main Channel - 45.0 ft

Current maximum drafts allowed at berths:

Hess - Max draft - 40'00
Delfin - Max Draft - 42'00
Chem Marine - Max Draft - 38'00 MLW
Kinder Morgan - berth 1 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 2 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 3 - 30'00"
Kinder Morgan - berth 4 - Max draft 40'00, tide needed for anything
deeper than 38'00
BP - Max draft 30'00" Low water
Wando Terminal - Max draft 43'00 MLW - tide needed for anything deeper
43'01" Max BM No restriction North
Charleston Terminal - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restriction
CST - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restrictions
Veterans Terminal 35' MLW tidal restricted
Nucor - Max draft 25'00 (movements daylight & tidal restricted), Max LOA
550', Max Beam 52'
Pier J Max Draft 30 FT
Per pilots - restrictions for Tanker movements:
Drafts of 38'00 or less may transit at anytime Drafts of 38'01 to 40'00 -
window: Start in 1 Hour before low water until 2 hours before high water
Drafts of 40'01 to 41'00 - window: start in 2 hours after low water until
2 hours before high water
Drafts of 41'01 to 42'00 - window: start in 3 hours after low water until
3 hours before high water



KMI4 - THEO T - ETA 0110/16TH
STOLT AMI - ETA 11/23/11
ICE BASE - ETA 11/24/11
MCT ALTAIR - ETA 11/26/11

BP - TUG RESOLVE & 650-3 - IN ETD 1100/16TH
TUG INTEGRITY & 650-4 - ETA 1000/17TH


96 Hours - advance notice of arrival required by USCG

48 Hours - advance receipt of crew list by Immigration for any vessel
arriving from a foreign port, or arriving coast wise with detained crew.

24 Hours (minimum) - Foreign cargo must have manifest submitted to
Customs & Border Patrol AMS. Bond must be filed for Foreign flag vessels
or U.S. flag arriving with foreign cargo aboard. 24 Hours - advance
notice to Pilots

24 Hours - advance fax of crew list and approved visitors required by

72 Hours - post port call, the Port Authority requires bill of lading
figures for all bulk cargo.

Port Security - All persons doing business within Port Authority property
must have security pass from SCPA. All persons wanting unescorted access
to any vessel must have a valid TWIC.


Current Articles:

Haley defends DHEC board

Battle rages over permit approval in Savannah River dredging project
By David Slade
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gov. Nikki Haley stood before a large audience of Port of Charleston
supporters Tuesday and defended her appointees who approved a permit needed
for the Port of Savannah river-deepening project.

Critics said the action could give the Georgia port a competitive advantage.

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control board's decision
has been blasted by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, who said there
are enough questions about the environmental impact of dredging the
Savannah River to deny the water-quality certification.

Several Democrats have suggested Haley improperly influenced the decision,
while Republicans have said they are angry and bewildered.

"I stand behind my DHEC board," Haley said at The Propeller Club of the
Port of Charleston's annual dinner. "They did what's right."

Some critics had thought Haley could get a tough reception at the event.

"The anger in the room is palpable," said Robert New, president of
Charleston Port Services. "She's going to say DHEC made its decision
independently, but nobody is buying that."

The issue, said New, is that if the Port of Savannah deepens its shipping
channel to the proposed 48 feet, it would give Georgia's port an advantage.
The Port of Charleston has an authorized depth of 45 feet, and is seeking
federal approval and funding to deepen the shipping channel to at least 50

The Port of Charleston currently has many advantages. It is closer to the
ocean than Savannah's terminal in Garden City, the Charleston shipping
channel is wide enough that ships can pass each other, and when the tide is
right the Charleston port can handle container ships requiring a depth of
48 feet.

"Our fight is not with Savannah," Haley said. "While some in this room
might be scared of a 48-foot Savannah (port), 36 miles up the river, one
way, I say bring it on."

Despite the anger perceived by New, Haley received a standing ovation when
she stepped up to speak, and another after she finished.

Haley noted that DHEC initially denied the water-quality certification,
then the board approved it after Georgia agreed to concessions, including
protection of more marsh area and the funding and maintenance of equipment
to inject oxygen into the river. Dredging can reduce the amount of
dissolved oxygen in the water, which aquatic life relies upon.

The governor said the Army Corps of Engineers had taken the position that
the project could proceed without South Carolina's certification, so in her
view, DHEC's action resulted in additional benefits to the state for a plan
that was going ahead with or without the state's approval.
Previous coverage

Ports CEO Newsome gets 7 year contract, $50K raise
Covering the politics of the Lowcountry, South Carolina and the nation.

"I did not tell DHEC what to do," Haley said. "They did it the right way,
and they did it without being political."

Critics were not impressed.

State Sen. Chip Campsen, R-Isle of Palms, said he's not convinced the
Savannah dredging could go ahead without DHEC's approval, and said science
was on the side of denying the water-quality certification.

"I know of no business in this state that's gotten that kind of favorable
treatment from DHEC," Campsen said.

State Sen. Larry Grooms, R-Bonneau, said South Carolina's Savannah River
Maritime Commission will press ahead with a legal challenge to the DHEC action.


There was a flurry of developments Tuesday related to the George Ports
Authority's plan to deepen the Savannah River:

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control certified the
controversial water-quality permit needed for the $600 million project.

S.C. Attorney General's office agreed to represent the state's Savannah
River Maritime Commission in challenging DHEC's approval.

The Associated Press reported that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray
LaHood toured the Port of Savannah and endorsed the deepening project,
saying: "It has to happen. We'll figure out how to get the federal dollars
to make this project happen."

Reach David Slade at 937-5552.


SPA chief gets $50,000 raise, 7-year contract
By David Slade
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

State Ports Authority President and CEO Jim Newsome was awarded a new
seven-year contract and a $50,000 raise Tuesday by the SPA board, although
his current contract was not set to expire until next fall.

The board's unanimous action makes Newsome's new contract effective in
January, raising his pay to $350,000 well before the September expiration
of his existing three-year agreement.

Newsome will continue to be eligible for annual performance bonuses equal
to up to 30 percent of his pay.

The action comes at a time when many large issues confront the SPA,
including the development of a new North Charleston port, construction of a
Charleston cruise ship terminal

and plans to deepen the Charleston shipping channel.

"We've got, without a doubt, the premier port director in the nation," said
board member David Posek. "And we want to keep him."

Board Chairman Bill Stern said he couldn't agree more.

"I think this contract sends a message to everyone on the outside ... that
Jim is committed to Charleston and the state of South Carolina," he said.

On Tuesday evening, Newsome told an audience at The Propeller Club of the
Port of Charleston that he was humbled by the board's action.

"In view of the considerable amount of work still to be done, and the great
opportunities here, I recently approached our board with the idea of
entering into a longer-term contract which starts the process of removing
any uncertainty about the future of our senior leadership team," he said.

"They have been gracious enough to agree to a new, seven-year contract with
an option to extend, which has been approved in our board meeting today,
and for which I am most appreciative."
Reader poll
Do you agree with the decision to give SPA CEO Newsome a 7-year contract
and a $50,000 raise?

Newsome’s comments to the Propeller Club of the Port of Charleston.

Although the SPA board met behind closed doors for about 90 minutes before
reconvening and approving the new contract Tuesday afternoon, its decision
was clearly expected by Newsome, whose comments to The Propeller Club were
written before the board voted.

Stern said Newsome has a good plan for moving the port forward.

"When you're sure you have the right guy, you want to keep him around,"
Stern said. "If we weren't confident or weren't sure, we would have done a
two- or three-year contract."

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley introduced Newsome at the Propeller Club event,
and praised him as "a natural maritime leader."

"I've gotten to see him up close and in action, and let me tell you, I was
so impressed," Riley said. "He's the right man at the right time."

State Sen. Larry Grooms, R-Bonneau, is chairman of the state's Port
Oversight Commission and attended the SPA board meeting where Newsome's new
contract was discussed. He said the board made a good decision, because
Newsome has shown he can bring new customers to the port.

"He's more than a good manager and a port leader, he's part of the
branding," Grooms said.


November 15, 2011

Breakbulk Volume up 121% in October, SC Ports Board
Approves Nearly $1 Million in Projects
Container volume down 6% on tempered peak season

Charleston, SC - Breakbulk volume at South Carolina's seaports in
Charleston and Georgetown continued its uptick, with a 121 percent climb
last month over 2010 levels.

The Port of Charleston's non-container segment rose 58 percent, with 66,540
tons handled in October versus 42,163 tons during the same month in 2010.
Breakbulk tonnage for the fiscal year, which began July 1, is up more than
74 percent.

Tonnage in the Port of Georgetown more than tripled year-over-year.
Georgetown handled 48,807 tons last month, a significant climb over 13,512
tons in October 2010. Volume in FY12 grew more than four-fold in Georgetown.

Container volume was off six percent last month on a slower peak season for
containerized goods. The Port of Charleston handled 113,650 20-foot
equivalent units (TEUs) in October, down from 121,229 TEUs in 2010.
September's container volume increase of nearly 18 percent was more an
outlier than an indicator of an upward trend.

"While some lingering questions remain about economic strength in the near
term, our ports' fundamentals and prospects for growth are very strong,"
said South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) President and CEO Jim Newsome,
referring to enhanced facilities, inland infrastructure and expanding
non-container business segments, which are often the building blocks of
future cargo growth. The SCPA is implementing a 10-year, $1.3-billion
capital plan for new and existing facilities to support future business demand.

At its November meeting, the SCPA Board approved projects totaling $988,000
in equipment and infrastructure upgrades, including four container handler
masts for the Wando Welch Terminal as well as improved rail leads serving
Veterans Terminal.

The Board also signed off on two economic development agreements related to
South Carolina's growing tire industry. Last month, Continental Tire
announced plans for a new, $500-million plant in Sumter, SC that will
employ up to 1,700 workers. Bridgestone Corporation recently broke ground
on its 1.5 million square foot manufacturing plant in Aiken, SC. The
$1.2-billion investment is expected to create 850 new jobs.







Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with July 21, 2011.
Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

W 16 Low 4:52 AM 0.7 6:51 AM Set 11:27 AM 77
16 High 11:01 AM 5.8 5:18 PM Rise 10:27 PM
16 Low 5:37 PM 0.9
16 High 11:32 PM 4.9

Th 17 Low 5:46 AM 0.7 6:52 AM Set 12:05 PM 68
17 High 11:53 AM 5.7 5:18 PM Rise 11:29 PM
17 Low 6:29 PM 0.8

F 18 High 12:31 AM 5.0 6:53 AM Set 12:41 PM 58
18 Low 6:47 AM 0.7 5:17 PM
18 High 12:52 PM 5.7
18 Low 7:25 PM 0.7

Sa 19 High 1:36 AM 5.2 6:53 AM Rise 12:32 AM 47
19 Low 7:53 AM 0.6 5:17 PM Set 1:15 PM
19 High 1:53 PM 5.6
19 Low 8:24 PM 0.4

Su 20 High 2:41 AM 5.6 6:54 AM Rise 1:37 AM 36
20 Low 9:00 AM 0.5 5:16 PM Set 1:51 PM
20 High 2:56 PM 5.7
20 Low 9:23 PM 0.1

M 21 High 3:44 AM 6.0 6:55 AM Rise 2:43 AM 25
21 Low 10:05 AM 0.2 5:16 PM Set 2:28 PM
21 High 3:57 PM 5.7
21 Low 10:20 PM -0.2

Tu 22 High 4:44 AM 6.4 6:56 AM Rise 3:51 AM 16
22 Low 11:06 AM -0.1 5:15 PM Set 3:09 PM
22 High 4:56 PM 5.8
22 Low 11:15 PM -0.5

W 23 High 5:41 AM 6.8 6:57 AM Rise 5:02 AM 8
23 Low 12:03 PM -0.3 5:15 PM Set 3:54 PM
23 High 5:52 PM 5.8

Th 24 Low 12:09 AM -0.7 6:58 AM Rise 6:13 AM 2
24 High 6:37 AM 7.0 5:15 PM Set 4:46 PM
24 Low 12:58 PM -0.5
24 High 6:47 PM 5.8

F 25 Low 1:02 AM -0.8 6:59 AM Rise 7:22 AM 0
25 High 7:31 AM 7.1 5:15 PM Set 5:44 PM
25 Low 1:51 PM -0.5
25 High 7:41 PM 5.8

Sa 26 Low 1:54 AM -0.7 7:00 AM Rise 8:26 AM 0
26 High 8:24 AM 7.0 5:14 PM Set 6:46 PM
26 Low 2:42 PM -0.4
26 High 8:34 PM 5.7

Su 27 Low 2:46 AM -0.6 7:01 AM Rise 9:22 AM 3
27 High 9:16 AM 6.8 5:14 PM Set 7:51 PM
27 Low 3:33 PM -0.3
27 High 9:27 PM 5.5

M 28 Low 3:37 AM -0.3 7:01 AM Rise 10:11 AM 9
28 High 10:08 AM 6.5 5:14 PM Set 8:56 PM
28 Low 4:24 PM 0.0
28 High 10:20 PM 5.3

Tu 29 Low 4:29 AM 0.0 7:02 AM Rise 10:53 AM 16
29 High 11:00 AM 6.1 5:14 PM Set 9:59 PM
29 Low 5:14 PM 0.2
29 High 11:14 PM 5.2



Today...SW winds 10 to 15 kt...increasing to 15 to 20 kt this afternoon.
Seas 4 to 5 ft. Areas of dense fog this morning...then areas of fog this
afternoon. Vsby 1/4 nm or less this morning.

Tonight...SW winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts to 25 kt. Seas 4 to 6 ft. A
slight chance of showers and tstms in the evening...then a chance of
showers and tstms after midnight. Areas of fog in the evening... Then
patchy fog after midnight.

Thu...SW winds 15 to 20 kt...becoming NW in the afternoon. Gusts up to 25
kt in the morning. Seas 4 to 6 ft...subsiding to 4 to 5 ft in the
afternoon. A chance of showers and tstms in the morning.

Thu Night...N winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts to 30 kt. Seas 4 to 5
ft...building to 4 to 6 ft after midnight.

Fri...NE winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts to 25 kt. Seas 4 to 6 ft.

Fri Night...NE winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts to 20 kt. Seas 4 to 6
ft...subsiding to 4 to 5 ft after midnight.

Sat...NE winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft.

Sat Night...E winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Sun...NE winds 5 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Sun Night...SE winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.
Notice posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.