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 Daily Port Update

Date:Thursday, April 28, 2011
Maximum Depths - (Fresh)
Harbor Entrance - 47.0 ft
Main Channel - 45.0 ft

Current maximum drafts allowed at berths:

Amerada Hess - Max draft - 40'00
Delfin - Max Draft - 42'00
Chem Marine - Max Draft - 38'00 MLW
Kinder Morgan - berth 1 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 2 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 3 - 30'00"
Kinder Morgan - berth 4 - Max draft 40'00, tide needed for anything
deeper than 38'00
BP - Max draft 30'00" Low water / Salt
Wando Terminal - Max draft 43'00 MLW - tide neede for anything deeper than
43'01" Max BM No restriction North
Charleston Terminal - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restriction
CST - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restrictions
Veterans Terminal 35' MLW tidal restricted
Nucor - Max draft 25'00 (movements daylight & tidal restricted), Max LOA
550', Max Beam 52'

Per pilots - restrictions for Tanker movements:
Drafts of 38'00 or less may transit at anytime Drafts of 38'01 to 40'00 -
window: Start in 1 Hour before low water until 2 hours before high water
Drafts of 40'01 to 41'00 - window: start in 2 hours after low water until
2 hours before high water
Drafts of 41'01 to 42'00 - window: start in 3 hours after low water until
3 hours before high water



KMI4 - THEO T - IN ETD 0400/28
KMI4 - NORDSTRENGTH - ETB 0600/28, ETS 2200/28

BP - T/B RESOLVE / 650-3 - IN, ETS 29/1300

HESS - ELKA GLORY - ETB 28/1700, ETS PM/29


96 Hours - advance notice of arrival required by USCG

48 Hours - advance receipt of crew list by Immigration for any vessel
arriving from a foreign port, or arriving coast wise with detained crew.

24 Hours (minimum) - Foreign cargo must have manifest submitted to
Customs & Border Patrol AMS. Bond must be filed for Foreign flag vessels
or U.S. flag arriving with foreign cargo aboard. 24 Hours - advance
notice to Pilots

24 Hours - advance fax of crew list and approved visitors required by

72 Hours - post port call, the Port Authority requires bill of lading
figures for all bulk cargo.

Port Security - All persons doing business within Port Authority property
must have security pass from SCPA. All persons wanting unescorted access
to any vessel must have a valid TWIC.


Current Articles: (4/28/11)Savannah River will never be WIDE enough for
two way ship traffic - More reasons Savannah can’t ever compete with
deeper Miami port:

John Cameron, a retired captain in the U.S. Coast Guard and the executive
director of the Charleston Branch Pilots Association, said channel
expansion in Savannah would have limited returns because the narrow
waterway precludes two-way shipping traffic, which Charleston’s harbor

Continued population and economic growth in the Southeast has created a
regional call for port expansion that is echoing across the border
between South Carolina and Georgia — especially along the Savannah River,
a shared border between the two states.

More people with more money will mean more demand for shipped goods. To
quote Roy Scheider’s famous line from the movie Jaws: “We’re gonna need a
bigger boat.”

And those bigger boats will be able to sail through the Panama Canal
beginning in the fall of 2014, the 100-year anniversary of the opening of
the canal. Post-Panamax container ships, as they are called, have already
been built and dwarf even aircraft carriers.

According to the South Carolina State Ports Authority, millions of
container units of goods bound for our region are currently unloaded
along the West Coast and then sent here along trucking routes and train
lines. With the looming expansion of the Panama Canal, those goods now
should be able to be unloaded on the East Coast. The problem? Some ports
will have to widen existing channels and deepen rivers to accommodate the
new massive mega-carriers.

Currently, Georgia is in the process of expanding its Savannah River port
in Garden City in such a way that has many in the South Carolina
Legislature, not to mention the maritime industry, concerned.

The Savannah River widening and deepening project could, according to
South Carolina Sen. Larry Grooms (R-Bonneau), chairman of the Senate
Transportation Committee, scuttle a joint South Carolina-Georgia project
to construct a mega-port in Jasper County. The Jasper port would be 12
miles from an Atlantic sea buoy — 10 miles closer than the Garden City

Grooms said the Garden City project would essentially “wear out” the
Savannah River environmentally because two ports would share the same

How? He said any widening and deepening of the existing channel in the
river all the way to Garden City would introduce more and more saltwater
to the waterway that would lower oxygen levels to the point that federal
guidelines would prohibit the construction of Jasper.

“To hear Georgia, it’s Garden City and Jasper,” said Grooms. “But the way
I see it, it’s Jasper or nothing.”

Georgia Ports Authority executive director Curtis Foltz walked into the
lion’s den last week, having agreed to speak at a Charleston maritime
association dinner. Before he left his Savannah office, Foltz, who worked
at the Charleston port facility for several years in the 1990s, preached
that a common tide would float all boats. Foltz’s reading of the region’s
growing demographics tells him that an expanded Savannah facility, a
Charleston facility and a Jasper facility are all needed to meet the
region’s growing demands over the next 20 years.

John Cameron, a retired captain in the U.S. Coast Guard and the executive
director of the Charleston Branch Pilots Association, has plotted a third
course. He has produced a report on South Carolina’s interest in the
Savannah widening effort and presented those findings to Grooms’

Cameron, whose organization’s members pilot foreign and U.S. ships bound
for foreign waters while in Charleston harbor, said he understands how
the expansion of the current channel along the Savannah River would
benefit Georgia. But he, too, worried that more seawater would kill not
only some of the environment there, but also future plans for Jasper. He
also said channel expansion in Savannah would have limited returns
because the narrow waterway precludes two-way shipping traffic, which
Charleston’s harbor enjoys.

Cameron has instead championed a limited deepening and widening leading
up to the current Garden City facility that wouldn’t threaten the future
of either Jasper or Charleston.

Cameron is also worried that expansion now might also exhaust political
will for the Jasper project, especially since the federal government
would have to spend nearly $600 million to dredge for Garden City versus
half of that to deepen the Charleston harbor.

Crystal ball: The ships are going to come and the region will have to
figure out the best way to welcome them, unload them, fill them back up
and send them back out on their way. The question is whether Georgia will
expand at Garden City in such a short-term way that it actually hampers
future port expansions? Or will Georgia and South Carolina create a plan
that would navigate smooth sailing for all involved?



05/10/11 - 1145 - CWIT LUNCHEON



Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with April 21, 2011.
Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

Th 28 High 5:18 AM 4.9 6:36 AM Rise 3:52 AM 24
28 Low 11:27 AM 0.4 7:59 PM Set 4:07 PM
28 High 5:40 PM 5.3

F 29 Low 12:03 AM 0.8 6:35 AM Rise 4:19 AM 16
29 High 6:04 AM 4.9 8:00 PM Set 5:01 PM
29 Low 12:09 PM 0.3
29 High 6:26 PM 5.5

Sa 30 Low 12:49 AM 0.6 6:34 AM Rise 4:48 AM 10
30 High 6:48 AM 4.9 8:00 PM Set 5:55 PM
30 Low 12:50 PM 0.2
30 High 7:08 PM 5.7

Su 1 Low 1:32 AM 0.5 6:33 AM Rise 5:18 AM 5
1 High 7:31 AM 4.9 8:01 PM Set 6:50 PM
1 Low 1:29 PM 0.1
1 High 7:48 PM 5.9

M 2 Low 2:12 AM 0.4 6:32 AM Rise 5:50 AM 1
2 High 8:11 AM 4.9 8:02 PM Set 7:46 PM
2 Low 2:06 PM 0.1
2 High 8:25 PM 5.9

Tu 3 Low 2:51 AM 0.3 6:31 AM Rise 6:27 AM 0
3 High 8:50 AM 4.9 8:03 PM Set 8:43 PM
3 Low 2:43 PM 0.1
3 High 9:01 PM 6.0

W 4 Low 3:29 AM 0.3 6:30 AM Rise 7:08 AM 0
4 High 9:27 AM 4.8 8:03 PM Set 9:40 PM
4 Low 3:21 PM 0.1
4 High 9:36 PM 5.9

Th 5 Low 4:07 AM 0.3 6:29 AM Rise 7:55 AM 2
5 High 10:03 AM 4.7 8:04 PM Set 10:34 PM
5 Low 3:59 PM 0.2
5 High 10:12 PM 5.9

F 6 Low 4:46 AM 0.4 6:28 AM Rise 8:48 AM 6
6 High 10:40 AM 4.6 8:05 PM Set 11:26 PM
6 Low 4:41 PM 0.2
6 High 10:51 PM 5.9

Sa 7 Low 5:28 AM 0.4 6:27 AM Rise 9:45 AM 12
7 High 11:20 AM 4.6 8:06 PM
7 Low 5:26 PM 0.3
7 High 11:35 PM 5.8

Su 8 Low 6:14 AM 0.4 6:26 AM Set 12:13 AM 19
8 High 12:08 PM 4.6 8:06 PM Rise 10:46 AM
8 Low 6:17 PM 0.3

M 9 High 12:25 AM 5.7 6:25 AM Set 12:56 AM 29
9 Low 7:04 AM 0.4 8:07 PM Rise 11:49 AM
9 High 1:04 PM 4.7
9 Low 7:15 PM 0.4

Tu 10 High 1:21 AM 5.6 6:25 AM Set 1:35 AM 39
10 Low 7:59 AM 0.3 8:08 PM Rise 12:54 PM
10 High 2:06 PM 4.9
10 Low 8:19 PM 0.4


MARINE WEATHER FORECAST: Coastal waters from South Santee River to
Edisto Beach SC out 20 nm (AMZ350) Mobile Weather Information

Last Update: 913 AM EDT THU APR 28 2011

Hazardous marine condition(s):

Hazardous Weather Outlook
Small Craft Advisory
Tornado Watch


Rest Of Today...SW winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts to 25 kt. Seas 4 to 6 ft.
A chance of showers and tstms this afternoon. Some tstms may be severe
with damaging winds...large hail and tornadoes.

Tonight...SW winds 15 to 20 kt...becoming NW after midnight. Seas 4 to 6
ft...subsiding to 3 to 4 ft after midnight. A chance of showers and tstms
in the evening... Then a slight chance of showers and tstms after

Fri...NW winds 15 kt...becoming W 5 to 10 kt in the afternoon. Seas 3 to
4 ft... Subsiding to 2 to 3 ft in the afternoon.

Fri Night...W winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft... Building to 3 to 4 ft
after midnight.

Sat...N winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts to 20 kt...becoming E in the
afternoon. Seas 3 to 4 ft.

Sat Night...SE winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft.

Sun...S winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Mon...S winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

mariners are reminded that winds and seas can be higher in and near tstms.

Notice posted on Thursday, April 28, 2011

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.