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 Daily Port Update

Date:Friday, June 12, 2009


Maximum Depths - (Fresh)
Harbor Entrance - 47.0 ft
Main Channel - 45.0 ft

Current maximum drafts allowed at berths:

Amerada Hess - Max draft - 40'00
Delfin - Max Draft - 42'00
Chem Marine - Max Draft - 38'00 MLW
Kinder Morgan - berth 1 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 2 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 3 - TBA
Kinder Morgan - berth 4 - Max draft 39'00, tide needed for anything
deeper than 36'00
BP - Max draft 32'6" Low water / Salt
Wando Terminal - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restriction
North Charleston Terminal - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restriction
CST - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restrictions
Nucor - Max draft 25'00 (movements daylight & tidal restricted), Max LOA
450', Max Beam 52'

Per pilots - restrictions for Tanker movements:
Drafts of 36'00 or less may transit at anytime Drafts of 36'01 to 40'00 -
window: Start in 1 Hour before low water until 2 hours before high water
Drafts of 40'01 to 41'00 - window: start in 2 hours after low water until
2 hours before high water
Drafts of 41'01 to 42'00 - window: start in 3 hours after low water until
3 hours before high water


BP - TUG INTEGRITY & 650-4 - ETA 2200/12TH

96 Hours - advance notice of arrival required by USCG

48 Hours - advance receipt of crew list by Immigration for any vessel
arriving from a foreign port, or arriving coast wise with detained crew.

24 Hours (minimum) - Foreign cargo must have manifest submitted to
Customs & Border Patrol AMS. Bond must be filed for Foreign flag vessels
or U.S.
flag arriving with foreign cargo aboard.

24 Hours - advance notice to Pilots

24 Hours - advance fax of crew list and approved visitors required by

72 Hours - post port call, the Port Authority requires bill of lading
figures for all bulk cargo.

Port Security - All persons doing business within Port Authority property
must have security pass from SCPA. All persons wanting unescorted access
to any vessel must have a valid TWIC.



Ports Authority shaping up the cruise ship terminal

By Molly Parker
Published June 10, 2009

The S.C. State Ports Authority and the city of Charleston are embarking on
an effort to spruce up the downtown passenger terminal in hopes of growing
the region’s cruise business, and in an effort to give visiting ship guests
a better first impression of the Holy City.

Within a few weeks, the SPA plans to send out requests for proposals to
seven national design firms, with the intent of selecting an agency by the
fall, the authority said.

That firm — jointly selected by the city and SPA — will be charged with
creation of a plan for a roughly 9-acre plot of downtown land that
encompasses the passenger terminal on Concord Street and several nearby
warehouses owned by the SPA that support the cruise business.

“It’s industrial. The sheds are rusty. I think, for our city and the ports
authority, for the buildings to fit with the look of the city is very
important,” Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said Tuesday.

Riley said he envisions the project supporting a mixed-use development that
would leverage private capital and could include restaurants, retail and
general waterfront access for the public while still serving the ports
authority’s maritime activities.

The plan could also include additional parking that would support the SPA’s
cruise and shipping customers, in addition to the local retail district.
The warehouse that is now used for parking for cruise customers embarking
from Charleston is a block from the historic City Market.

“It’s very exciting,” Riley said. “The passenger terminal is very important
to the community from a business and economic standpoint.”

SPA interim CEO John Hassell called the cruise business one of the port’s
most exciting ventures, “because it involves people and not cargo.”

Time is of the essence for an upgrade, Hassell said, because the U.S.
Customs and Border Protection has called on the SPA to show that it is
making post-9/11 security improvements to its passenger terminal. Also,
cruise ships have grown much larger than they were when the terminal first
opened in the 1970s, prompting new infrastructure needs, Hassell said.

Hassell said the SPA will pay for the development plan update but said a
private developer or developers, working with the SPA and city, would also
be a part of the mix.

“We think the Union Pier redevelopment plan is innovative, utilitarian in
terms of our needs and would be a beautiful enhancement of this city,”
Hassell said.


SC Ports, SCDNR Partner to Restore Area Oyster Habitat

Charleston, SC – Oyster roast season in the Lowcountry may be over, but the
thousands of bushels of oyster shells collected from these parties are
making a positive environmental impact along our local waterways.

Thousands of bushels of shells collected during oyster season are recycled
throughout Charleston’s tideline, thanks to the efforts of the South
Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) in partnership with the
South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCSPA).

In support of the port community’s Pledge for Growth environmental
initiative, a team of 20 port employees was recruited to help plant
recycled oyster shells in Hobcaw Creek. This effort is part of a $1-million
oyster reef restoration project funded by the SCSPA that is currently underway.

The goal of the program is to restore and enhance oyster habitat by
planting recycled oyster shells in the intertidal environment to form new,
self-sustaining oyster reefs. This will improve water quality, control
erosion and protect and substantially increase the productivity of
estuarine species.

According to SCDNR, community volunteers have planted a little over a
half-acre this season, with approximately 2.4 acres left to plant before
fall. Prior to planting, oysters are stockpiled at the SCSPA’s Veterans
Terminal on the former Navy Base and loaded onto barges to be transported
to the selected planting sites.

During the permitting process for the new, 280-acre container terminal at
the former Navy Base, the SCSPA pledged more than $12-million for various
environmental and community projects in the Charleston metro region.
Through coordination with SCDNR and the South Carolina Oyster Restoration
and Enhancement Program (SCORE), the SCSPA is funding a five-year,
$1-million oyster reef restoration project. The project to plant eight
acres throughout Charleston Harbor is now in its second year.

During last year’s SCSPA-funded planting season, which ran from June
through September, community volunteers planted 22,714 bushels of shell
over more than two acres of intertidal area.

For more information on the SCSPA’s commitment to the community and to the
environment, visit



06/13/09 - 1930 - CWIT Soccer social
06/19/09 - 1700 - Charleston City meeting


06/24/09 - 1900 - Propeller club harbor cruise
06/25/09 - 0745 - CHS - NAVOPS MONTHLY MEETING
06/26/09 - 0800 - 12th Annual SC Maritime Open Golf - Dunes West
06/30/09 - am - SCSPA Training sessions for PortCharleston web users
07/21/09 - 1700 - Charleston City meeting
10/10/09 - TBA - CWIT - Luau Auction


HURRICANE STATUS - Alert level 4/Seasonal - no storms predicted


Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with June 11, 2009.
Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

F 12 Low 5:46 AM 0.6 6:11 AM Set 10:20 AM 85
12 High 11:38 AM 4.4 8:28 PM Rise 11:59 PM
12 Low 5:34 PM 0.8

Sa 13 High 12:01 AM 5.2 6:11 AM Set 11:16 AM 78
13 Low 6:24 AM 0.6 8:29 PM
13 High 12:21 PM 4.5
13 Low 6:19 PM 1.0

Su 14 High 12:40 AM 5.0 6:11 AM Rise 12:26 AM 69
14 Low 7:04 AM 0.5 8:29 PM Set 12:12 PM
14 High 1:08 PM 4.6
14 Low 7:09 PM 1.1

M 15 High 1:23 AM 4.9 6:11 AM Rise 12:53 AM 60
15 Low 7:48 AM 0.4 8:29 PM Set 1:09 PM
15 High 1:57 PM 4.8
15 Low 8:07 PM 1.1

Tu 16 High 2:11 AM 4.8 6:11 AM Rise 1:20 AM 50
16 Low 8:35 AM 0.3 8:30 PM Set 2:07 PM
16 High 2:50 PM 5.1
16 Low 9:09 PM 1.0

W 17 High 3:05 AM 4.7 6:11 AM Rise 1:49 AM 40
17 Low 9:26 AM 0.2 8:30 PM Set 3:09 PM
17 High 3:46 PM 5.4
17 Low 10:14 PM 0.9

Th 18 High 4:02 AM 4.7 6:12 AM Rise 2:21 AM 30
18 Low 10:21 AM 0.0 8:30 PM Set 4:14 PM
18 High 4:42 PM 5.8
18 Low 11:17 PM 0.6

F 19 High 5:01 AM 4.7 6:12 AM Rise 2:59 AM 20
19 Low 11:17 AM -0.2 8:30 PM Set 5:23 PM
19 High 5:40 PM 6.1

Sa 20 Low 12:17 AM 0.3 6:12 AM Rise 3:44 AM 12
20 High 6:01 AM 4.8 8:31 PM Set 6:34 PM
20 Low 12:14 PM -0.5
20 High 6:37 PM 6.4

Su 21 Low 1:14 AM 0.1 6:12 AM Rise 4:38 AM 5
21 High 7:00 AM 4.9 8:31 PM Set 7:43 PM
21 Low 1:10 PM -0.7
21 High 7:35 PM 6.7

M 22 Low 2:09 AM -0.2 6:12 AM Rise 5:43 AM 1
22 High 7:59 AM 5.0 8:31 PM Set 8:46 PM
22 Low 2:06 PM -0.8
22 High 8:31 PM 6.8

Tu 23 Low 3:03 AM -0.4 6:13 AM Rise 6:54 AM 0
23 High 8:57 AM 5.2 8:31 PM Set 9:41 PM
23 Low 3:01 PM -0.9
23 High 9:27 PM 6.8

W 24 Low 3:55 AM -0.5 6:13 AM Rise 8:09 AM 1
24 High 9:55 AM 5.3 8:31 PM Set 10:28 PM
24 Low 3:57 PM -0.9
24 High 10:22 PM 6.7

Th 25 Low 4:47 AM -0.5 6:13 AM Rise 9:23 AM 6
25 High 10:53 AM 5.4 8:32 PM Set 11:07 PM
25 Low 4:53 PM -0.7
25 High 11:15 PM 6.5


Today: WSW wind 8 to 12 kt becoming SSW in the morning. Mostly sunny. Seas
around 2 ft.

Tonight: SSW wind 11 to 13 kt. A chance of showers and thunderstorms before
2am. Seas around 2 ft.

Saturday: SW wind 7 to 11 kt. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms
after 2pm. Seas around 2 ft.

Saturday Night: SSW wind 7 to 11 kt. A chance of showers and thunderstorms
before 2am. Seas around 2 ft.

Sunday: WSW wind around 8 kt becoming S in the afternoon. A slight chance
of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Seas around 2 ft.

Sunday Night: SSW wind 8 to 11 kt. A slight chance of showers and
thunderstorms. Seas around 2 ft.

Monday: SW wind around 11 kt. Mostly sunny. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Monday Night: SW wind 8 to 10 kt becoming NNE after midnight. A chance of
showers and thunderstorms. Seas around 2 ft.

Tuesday: NE wind around 10 kt becoming E in the afternoon. Mostly sunny.
Seas around 2 ft.

Notice posted on Friday, June 12, 2009

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.