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 Daily Port Update

Subject:South Carolina - Daily Update
Date:Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maximum Depths - (Fresh)
Harbor Entrance - 47.0 ft
Main Channel - 45.0 ft

Current maximum drafts allowed at berths:

Amerada Hess - Max draft of 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 1 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 2 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 3 - TBA
Kinder Morgan - berth 4 - Max draft 39'00, tide needed for anything
deeper than 36'00
BP - Max draft 32'6" Low water / Salt
Wando Terminal - Max draft 46'00 - Max BM 187'00
North Charleston Terminal - Max 42'00 - Max BM 187'00
CST - Max draft 47'00 - Max BM 187'00
Nucor - Max draft 25'00 (movements daylight & tidal restricted), Max LOA
450', Max Beam 52'

Per pilots - restrictions for Tanker movements:
Drafts of 36'00 or less may transit at anytime Drafts of 36'01 to 40'00 -
window: Start in 1 Hour before low water until 2 hours before high water
Drafts of 40'01 to 41'00 - window: start in 2 hours after low water until
2 hours before high water
Drafts of 41'01 to 42'00 - window: start in 3 hours after low water until
3 hours before high water

Kinder Morgan - Salacgriva ETA 24/1100
Kinder Morgan - Minerva Julie ETA 25/2200
Kinder Morgan - Marilee ETA 26/1400
Hess - Elda Glory ETA 26/0500

96 Hours - advance notice of arrival required by USCG

48 Hours - advance receipt of crew list by Immigration for any vessel
arriving from a foreign port, or arriving coast wise with detained crew.

24 Hours (minimum) - Foreign cargo must have manifest submitted to
Customs & Border Patrol AMS. Bond must be filed for Foreign flag vessels
or U.S.
flag arriving with foreign cargo aboard.

24 Hours - advance notice to Pilots

24 Hours - advance fax of crew list and approved visitors required by

PRIOR TO ARRIVAL - as of 11/15 - Mandatory Right Whale reporting by all
vessels - for information - www.nmfs.noaa/pr/

72 Hours - post port call, the Port Authority requires bill of lading
figures for all bulk cargo.

Port Security - All persons doing business within Port Authority property
must have security pass from SCPA. All persons wanting unescorted access
to any vessel must have a valid TWIC.




By Allyson Bird
The Post and Courier
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
In a rare move, union leaders and State Ports Authority officials came
together Monday afternoon with state legislators and Maersk Line
executives in an effort to salvage the company's business in the Port of

SPA chief executive Bernard S. Groseclose Jr.

SPA officials plan to "get creative" and work toward a mutually
acceptable solution over the next few weeks, according to the agency's
chief executive officer The SPA's board of directors met by
teleconference later in the afternoon, with one member even phoning in
from a tropical vacation, to hash out the Maersk situation.

After meeting with all parties for more than two hours at the Maritime
Association building on Morrison Drive, Sens. Glenn McConnell, R-
Charleston, and Larry Grooms, R-Bonneau, emerged smiling.

"Here in this season of light and miracles, there is hope in the state of
South Carolina," McConnell said.

Maersk, the world's largest container carrier and the port's biggest
customer, announced Thursday that it would leave Charleston. The Danish
company, which accounts for 20 percent of Charleston's container volume,
wanted the International

Longshoremen's Association to allow it to break its contract and move
into a part of the Wando Welch Terminal in which SPA employees would
perform work historically handled by organized labor.

Previous stories
Maersk shipping out; Blames decision on ILA'S rejection of cost-saving
arrangement, published 12/19/08

Damage control; Maersk announcement; Legislators, groups scramble to keep
shipper here; union chief silent, published 12/20/08

The three maritime unions, in a unanimous vote earlier this month,
rejected that proposal.

Maersk officials announced that the shipping line would pull out
completely by the end of its contract on Dec. 31, 2010, and that 25
percent of its business would leave within the next few months.

Speaking for the first time since Maersk's announcement, ILA Local 1422
President Ken Riley said after Monday's meeting, "Everyone better
understands our position."

Flanked by John Alvanos, president of the ILA Local 1771 Clerks and
Checkers, and Leonard Bailey, president of ILA Local 1422-A Maintenance
Workers, Riley reached into his coat pocket and tapped his fingers
against a two-page press release defending the ILA position. He said that
document did not apply after Monday's meeting.

"What happened today is a first great step toward getting it resolved,"
Riley said.

The high-powered gathering included three Maersk representatives, four
union officials, McConnell, Grooms and state Sen. Hugh Leatherman, R-
Florence, SPA Chief Executive Officer Bernard S. Groseclose Jr. and SPA
government relations manager Barbara Melvin.

A Maersk container ship loads and off-loads freight at the Wando
Terminal. Maersk announced last Thursday that it would pull out of
Charleston completely by the end of 2010.

Groseclose said after Monday's meeting with his board that the agency
would consider other options for the shipping line.

"We're going to explore some alternatives," he said. "We've been thinking
about some things listening to comments from (Maersk) and from the union."

He and others in attendance declined to elaborate on possible
alternatives, and the SPA board immediately went into closed-door session
during its teleconference. The agency will meet with the legislators, the
ILA and Maersk again soon to discuss options, according to Grooms.

"There's no date certain when to reconvene, but this is something that
needs to be settled fairly quickly," he said. Grooms chairs the Senate
Transportation Committee and has been a leader in negotiating with the
shipping line.

"One of the things that has changed is the key players sat at the table
and looked at each other and shared their perspectives," he said. "All
sides now know each other's perspective."

Though the situation arose a year ago and became public more than two
months ago, Riley said the ILA had been pinned in the middle until

"Up until now there had been no negotiations including us," Riley
said. "By the time it gets to us, it's an ultimatum."

He said Maersk's announcement shifted the situation from pointing fingers
at the ILA to preparing for a potential disaster with economic
implications for workers across the waterfront, from tug boat captains to
harbor pilots to law enforcement.

"Now that it gets to crisis point, everyone's concerned," Riley said.


By Allyson Bird
The Post and Courier
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey has been holding meetings to discuss
the possibility of the city taking over Veterans Terminal, a State Ports
Authority facility that handles non-containerized cargo.

"In order for something like that to happen, it would take a negotiation
from open-minded folks on the city side and the Ports Authority side,"
Summey said. The move could bring jobs to communities most impacted by
the port, he said.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said it likely would require an act
of legislation for the city to take over the Veterans Terminal facility.

If approved, he added, the deal would likely transpire within the next
six months. He said the transfer would probably require an act of
legislation; no details of how the city would acquire the terminal are

SPA Public Relations Director Byron Miller said his agency has not had
direct discussions about the terminal's future, but continues courting

"While we're generally aware of the city's interest, we have not received
any proposal," Miller said. "We cer-tainly share the mayor's interest in
developing new cargo business and jobs."

Beginning next month, a new account at Veterans Terminal will bring in 15
to 20 ships carrying oversized machinery and equipment, according to

Sen. Glenn McConnell, R-Charleston, said the idea of North Charleston
taking charge involves luring not only businesses but also private

"The city, obviously, is looking for a tax base," McConnell said. "That's
the benefit of the private model. It's two-fold: The private entities
that go in there invest money in the infrastructure, and the land goes on
the tax books."

McConnell said Veterans Terminal, in its current configuration, falls
short of its potential.

"The SPA, in my opinion, has warehoused that property," he said.

Port officials said the SPA pursued bringing BMW onto the terminal, and
until that deal fell through it had to hold off on other cargo
opportunities. Plus, rail access limitations stand in the way of new
business activity.

Previous story
SPA to examine Veterans port; Consultant to determine best ways to
modernize site for future business, published 01/31/08

Summey said Veterans Terminal, if turned over to the city, could provide
jobs to the Union Heights, Acabee and Chicora-Cherokee neighborhoods near
the SPA's container terminal under construction at the former Navy base.

The Veterans Terminal handles break-bulk cargo, which is non-
containerized and therefore more labor intensive.

As part of a "community mitigation plan," the SPA will give $300,000 to
the Lowcountry Alliance for Model Communities each year until 2013.
Summey said that funding could be used to train residents for work at a
city-run terminal.

Overarching concerns along the waterfront will ultimately shape Veterans
Terminal's future, according to Sen. Larry Grooms, R-Bonneau, who is
involved in the North Charleston discussions and also the effort to keep
Maersk Line from pulling out of Charleston.

The world's largest container carrier and the port's biggest customer,
Denmark-based Maersk announced last week that it would leave the port
completely by the end of 2010 and in part within the next few months.

Company officials met Monday with legislators, union leaders and SPA
officials to try to remedy the situation.

"If Maersk were to leave, it could begin a downward spiral for port
facilities, and the question of whether we even need a North Charleston
terminal (under construction at the former Navy base) would come into
play," Grooms said.

That, in turn, could stall rail improvements and discourage businesses
from considering the neighboring Veterans Terminal.

"I do believe the city would be very good stewards of the property,"
Grooms said. "But it depends on other things playing out."




01/07 - 0815 - Maritime Association Board Meeting
01/13 - 1700 - Commissioners of Pilots meeting
01/16 - 1000 - SCSPA Board Meeting
01/22 - 0815 - Maritime Association NAV OPS Meeting
02/06 - Maritime Association Banquet




Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with December 24, 2008.
Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

W 24 High 5:40 AM 5.6 7:20 AM Rise 5:00 AM 11
24 Low 11:56 AM 0.4 5:20 PM Set 2:58 PM
24 High 5:41 PM 4.5
24 Low 11:51 PM 0.2

Th 25 High 6:23 AM 5.7 7:20 AM Rise 5:56 AM 6
25 Low 12:40 PM 0.3 5:20 PM Set 3:44 PM
25 High 6:25 PM 4.6

F 26 Low 12:33 AM 0.1 7:21 AM Rise 6:49 AM 2
26 High 7:05 AM 5.7 5:21 PM Set 4:35 PM
26 Low 1:21 PM 0.3
26 High 7:07 PM 4.6

Sa 27 Low 1:13 AM 0.1 7:21 AM Rise 7:36 AM 0
27 High 7:45 AM 5.7 5:21 PM Set 5:30 PM
27 Low 2:00 PM 0.3
27 High 7:47 PM 4.6

Su 28 Low 1:50 AM 0.1 7:21 AM Rise 8:18 AM 0
28 High 8:23 AM 5.7 5:22 PM Set 6:27 PM
28 Low 2:37 PM 0.3
28 High 8:25 PM 4.6

M 29 Low 2:27 AM 0.1 7:21 AM Rise 8:55 AM 1
29 High 8:59 AM 5.6 5:23 PM Set 7:25 PM
29 Low 3:13 PM 0.3
29 High 9:01 PM 4.6

Tu 30 Low 3:03 AM 0.2 7:22 AM Rise 9:28 AM 5
30 High 9:32 AM 5.5 5:23 PM Set 8:23 PM
30 Low 3:49 PM 0.3
30 High 9:36 PM 4.6

W 31 Low 3:41 AM 0.3 7:22 AM Rise 9:57 AM 10
31 High 10:05 AM 5.3 5:24 PM Set 9:20 PM
31 Low 4:25 PM 0.3
31 High 10:13 PM 4.6

Th 1 Low 4:20 AM 0.4 7:22 AM Rise 10:24 AM 16
1 High 10:36 AM 5.1 5:25 PM Set 10:18 PM
1 Low 5:00 PM 0.3
1 High 10:52 PM 4.7

F 2 Low 5:06 AM 0.5 7:22 AM Rise 10:51 AM 24
2 High 11:15 AM 4.9 5:26 PM Set 11:16 PM
2 Low 5:42 PM 0.2
2 High 11:39 PM 4.8

Sa 3 Low 5:59 AM 0.6 7:23 AM Rise 11:19 AM 33
3 High 12:01 PM 4.8 5:26 PM
3 Low 6:29 PM 0.2

Su 4 High 12:33 AM 5.0 7:23 AM Set 12:17 AM 43
4 Low 7:01 AM 0.7 5:27 PM Rise 11:48 AM
4 High 12:57 PM 4.6
4 Low 7:23 PM 0.1

M 5 High 1:34 AM 5.2 7:23 AM Set 1:21 AM 54
5 Low 8:09 AM 0.7 5:28 PM Rise 12:22 PM
5 High 1:59 PM 4.5
5 Low 8:23 PM 0.0

Tu 6 High 2:40 AM 5.4 7:23 AM Set 2:28 AM 65
6 Low 9:19 AM 0.5 5:29 PM Rise 1:02 PM
6 High 3:07 PM 4.5
6 Low 9:25 PM -0.3

Notice posted on Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.