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 Daily Port Update

Date:Friday, February 24, 2012
Maximum Depths - (Fresh)
Harbor Entrance - 47.0 ft
Main Channel - 45.0 ft

Current maximum drafts allowed at berths:

Hess - Max draft - 40'00
Delfin - Max Draft - 42'00
Chem Marine - Max Draft - 38'00 MLW
Kinder Morgan - berth 1 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 2 - 40'00
Kinder Morgan - berth 3 - 30'00"
Kinder Morgan - berth 4 - Max draft 40'00, tide needed for anything
deeper than 38'00
BP - Max draft 30'00" Low water
Wando Terminal - Max draft 43'00 MLW - tide needed for anything deeper
43'01" Max BM No restriction North
Charleston Terminal - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restriction
CST - Max draft 45'00 MLW - Max BM No restrictions
Veterans Terminal 35' MLW tidal restricted
Nucor - Max draft 25'00 (movements daylight & tidal restricted), Max LOA
550', Max Beam 52'
Pier J Max Draft 30 FT
Per pilots - restrictions for Tanker movements:
Drafts of 38'00 or less may transit at anytime Drafts of 38'01 to 40'00 -
window: Start in 1 Hour before low water until 2 hours before high water
Drafts of 40'01 to 41'00 - window: start in 2 hours after low water until
2 hours before high water
Drafts of 41'01 to 42'00 - window: start in 3 hours after low water until
3 hours before high water



BP - TUG INTEGRITY & 650-4 - ETA 1830/24TH

IOANNIS I – ETA – 27/1900


96 Hours - advance notice of arrival required by USCG

48 Hours - advance receipt of crew list by Immigration for any vessel
arriving from a foreign port, or arriving coast wise with detained crew.

24 Hours (minimum) - Foreign cargo must have manifest submitted to
Customs & Border Patrol AMS. Bond must be filed for Foreign flag vessels
or U.S. flag arriving with foreign cargo aboard. 24 Hours - advance
notice to Pilots

24 Hours - advance fax of crew list and approved visitors required by

72 Hours - post port call, the Port Authority requires bill of lading
figures for all bulk cargo.

Port Security - All persons doing business within Port Authority property
must have security pass from SCPA. All persons wanting unescorted access
to any vessel must have a valid TWIC.


Current Articles:


SC House Committee Sets Aside $180 Million for Harbor Deepening

Columbia, SC - The House committee shaping the state's budget is setting
aside $180 million for harbor deepening in a key move to modernize South
Carolina's harbor assets and boost the long-range economic outlook for the

The South Carolina House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee
established the Harbor Deepening Reserve Fund and included $180 million in
non-recurring funds to be used for deepening the state's harbors, including
the Charleston Post 45 Harbor Deepening Project.

"We are most appreciative to the members of House Ways and Means for their
strong commitment to our state's ports and the Charleston's Harbor
Deepening Project," Bill Stern, chairman of the South Carolina Ports
Authority, said. "By including $180 million for construction at this time,
South Carolina shows that it stands firmly behind this project and is ready
to usher it through to completion."

The fund would be used to cover the state's share of construction costs
following the completion of the project's feasibility study. The total
deepening project cost is estimated at $300 million and 60 percent, or $180
million, would be funded by the state. Any expenditures from the fund would
require approval by the South Carolina General Assembly through a joint

Charleston's Harbor Deepening Project has built considerable momentum in
recent weeks. Last week, $3.5 million toward the project's feasibility
study was included in the President's Budget for fiscal year 2013. That
allocation, along with the funds already included in the Corps' Work Plan,
means that the federal share of the feasibility study is more than halfway

Already the deepest harbor in the region, Charleston's deepening project
would open the port to the biggest vessels 24 hours a day, under any tidal
condition. The Corps stated in its Reconnaissance Study in 2010 that
Charleston is likely "the cheapest South Atlantic harbor to deepen to 50

"Each additional foot of depth in our harbor offers tremendous
opportunities for businesses - in South Carolina and throughout the region
- to compete in a rapidly expanding global marketplace," Stern said. "We
believe this project offers the best value for a true post-Panamax harbor
in the entire Southeast region, and we commend the Ways and Means Committee
for recognizing the critical need for a deepened shipping channel in

The full House of Representatives will take up the budget in early March.

Quotes from House Members:

"South Carolina is serious about deepening the Port of Charleston and
making our state more competitive. Instead of using this year's revenue
surplus to grow government, we want to devote a significant portion of that
surplus to funding our state's share of the deepening project. In this
year's state budget, currently being debated in full committee this week,
we are putting $180 million in a Harbor Deepening Reserve Fund, sending
Washington a clear message that South Carolina is ready to move forward on
this - now."
- Rep. Bobby Harrell, Speaker of the House of Representatives

"Our state depends on the Port of Charleston to attract investment and
talent, evidenced by the many companies in the Upstate - such as Michelin -
that do business across the globe each day using our seaports. This
committee recognizes that the steps we take today ensure a bright future
for South Carolina."
- Rep. Brian White, Chairman, Ways and Means Committee

"The future of South Carolina really is contingent upon the future of our
port, and the Charleston Harbor Deepening Project is an essential part of
that. By funding the state's share of deepening now, we are showing that we
as a state are serious about our competitive position relative to other
ports in this region and the Port of Charleston's role as a major player in
global shipping."
- Rep. Jim Merrill, Vice Chairman, Review and Oversight Commission on
the South Carolina Ports Authority

"The $180 million from the state for the deepening project marks an
important step as we move to creating a true post-Panamax harbor in
Charleston to serve the region. I look forward to seeing the study for
Charleston's deepening project completed as fast as possible so we can fire
up the dredges."
- Rep. Chip Limehouse, Vice Chairman, Ways and Means Committee;
Chairman, Charleston County Legislative Delegation

"Creating jobs is a huge priority for South Carolina. The success of our
port drives our state's economic success as we compete with other states
for new business and investment to come to South Carolina."
- Rep. Gary Simrill, Chairman, Economic Development and Natural
Resources Subcommittee

"Companies in our state do a phenomenal job exporting their goods to
overseas markets. By modernizing our state's harbors, we create more
opportunities for South Carolinians to succeed in a globally competitive
- Rep. Kenny Bingham, House Majority Leader; Member, Ways and Means

"With the President including funds for Charleston's deepening study just
last week, we are obligated as a state to be ready to fund our part of the
project's construction. This ensures we can complete the deepening as
quickly as possible."
- Rep. Harry Ott, House Minority Leader; Member, Ways and Means Committee

"I've seen first-hand how the port can impact a company's decision to come
to South Carolina. Bridgestone Firestone is locating in Aiken and bringing
850 jobs to the county, and it wouldn't be possible without access to a
competitive, deepwater port."
- Rep. Bill Clyburn, Chairman, Black Caucus; Member, Ways and Means

About the South Carolina Ports Authority:
The South Carolina Ports Authority, established by the state's General
Assembly in 1942, owns and operates public seaport facilities in Charleston
and Georgetown, handling international commerce valued at more than $58
billion annually while receiving no direct taxpayer subsidy. An economic
development engine for the state, port operations facilitate 260,800 jobs
across South Carolina and nearly $45 billion in economic activity each
year. For more information, visit

For more information:
Allison Skipper, APR
Manager, Public Relations


SPA chief applauds House effort for deepening funds

Friday, February 24, 2012

An aggressive plan by South Carolina lawmakers to set aside $180 million to
deepen the Charleston shipping channel is sending a strong signal to the
maritime industry and rival ports that the state is fully committed to the
project, supporters said Thursday.

The budget proposal announced this week by members of the House Ways and
Means Committee was described as "excellent news" by Bill Stern, chairman
of the S.C. State Ports Authority.

"They're unified to move this forward," Stern said Thursday after he and
other SPA board members gave the idea a round of applause at their monthly
meeting in Charleston.

If the measure is approved, the money would go into a special reserve
account and cover South Carolina's 60 percent portion of the $300 million
deepening project.

The federal government would pay for the rest.

The amendment that would create the fund likely will be taken up on the
House floor in about two weeks, said Barbara Melvin, the SPA's lobbyist.
From there, it would move to the S.C. Senate, then to the governor, she said.

"We're early in the game, but it's looking good so far," Melvin told the board.

In a written statement Thursday, Gov. Nikki Haley's office did not directly
address the port reserve fund, saying only that "while we may ultimately
have our disagreements with the General Assembly over how to treat
individual programs, she expects a responsible spending plan to arrive on
her desk at the end of this process."

Harbor dredging, which is time-consuming and enormously expensive, has
emerged as a crucial economic development issue.

The SPA and other major port operators, including Georgia, are in a
high-stakes race to deepen their waterways so they can accommodate the
huge, heavy container ships that will become more common on the East Coast
once a major expansion of the Panama Canal is completed in 2014.

Those vessels already can call at the Port of Charleston, but only during
high tide.

Maritime officials want to remove five feet of muck from the channel,
taking it to 50 feet, to allow round-the-clock access.

The Army Corps of Engineers is reviewing the proposal.

The federal permitting agency has about $5 million of the $20 million it
needs to complete a required study, which could take five to seven years,
though the SPA and lawmakers are trying to accelerate the process.

The actual work of removing the silt could take another six years.

In Georgia, a competing plan to deepen the Savannah River to 48 feet has
direct implications for South Carolina.

The two states had been working to develop a port site they would jointly
own in Jasper County, but the SPA announced in December that it was
suspending funding for the project.

Stern reiterated his agency's position Thursday, saying too many questions
remain unanswered, including the future depth of the Savannah River.

"If we can't get to 50 or 51 feet, we're not moving forward," he said.



3/15/12 - 1200 PROP CLUB LUNCH
3/22/12 - 0815 NAV OPS MEETING
4/10/12 - 1900 S.W.T. ANNUAL BANQUET




Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with July 21, 2011.
Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

F 24 Low 3:18 AM -0.2 6:54 AM Rise 8:00 AM 3
24 High 9:26 AM 5.3 6:12 PM Set 9:00 PM
24 Low 3:32 PM -0.3
24 High 9:37 PM 5.4

Sa 25 Low 3:57 AM 0.1 6:53 AM Rise 8:31 AM 8
25 High 10:02 AM 5.0 6:13 PM Set 9:55 PM
25 Low 4:07 PM -0.1
25 High 10:14 PM 5.3

Su 26 Low 4:35 AM 0.3 6:51 AM Rise 9:04 AM 14
26 High 10:39 AM 4.7 6:14 PM Set 10:50 PM
26 Low 4:42 PM 0.2
26 High 10:51 PM 5.1

M 27 Low 5:14 AM 0.6 6:50 AM Rise 9:40 AM 21
27 High 11:17 AM 4.5 6:15 PM Set 11:44 PM
27 Low 5:20 PM 0.3
27 High 11:33 PM 5.0

Tu 28 Low 5:58 AM 0.8 6:49 AM Rise 10:19 AM 29
28 High 12:00 PM 4.3 6:16 PM
28 Low 6:02 PM 0.5

W 29 High 12:19 AM 4.9 6:48 AM Set 12:38 AM 38
29 Low 6:47 AM 1.0 6:16 PM Rise 11:03 AM
29 High 12:50 PM 4.1
29 Low 6:52 PM 0.6

Th 1 High 1:14 AM 4.8 6:47 AM Set 1:30 AM 48
1 Low 7:44 AM 1.1 6:17 PM Rise 11:51 AM
1 High 1:47 PM 4.1
1 Low 7:50 PM 0.6

F 2 High 2:14 AM 4.8 6:46 AM Set 2:20 AM 57
2 Low 8:46 AM 1.0 6:18 PM Rise 12:43 PM
2 High 2:48 PM 4.2
2 Low 8:52 PM 0.5

Sa 3 High 3:16 AM 4.9 6:44 AM Set 3:07 AM 67
3 Low 9:46 AM 0.8 6:19 PM Rise 1:40 PM
3 High 3:49 PM 4.4
3 Low 9:54 PM 0.3

Su 4 High 4:15 AM 5.2 6:43 AM Set 3:51 AM 76
4 Low 10:41 AM 0.5 6:20 PM Rise 2:41 PM
4 High 4:45 PM 4.7
4 Low 10:52 PM 0.0

M 5 High 5:10 AM 5.4 6:42 AM Set 4:32 AM 84
5 Low 11:31 AM 0.2 6:20 PM Rise 3:44 PM
5 High 5:37 PM 5.0
5 Low 11:46 PM -0.4

Tu 6 High 6:00 AM 5.7 6:41 AM Set 5:11 AM 91
6 Low 12:18 PM -0.2 6:21 PM Rise 4:49 PM
6 High 6:27 PM 5.5

W 7 Low 12:37 AM -0.7 6:39 AM Set 5:48 AM 96
7 High 6:47 AM 5.9 6:22 PM Rise 5:55 PM
7 Low 1:03 PM -0.6
7 High 7:14 PM 5.8

Th 8 Low 1:27 AM -0.9 6:38 AM Set 6:25 AM 99
8 High 7:33 AM 6.0 6:23 PM Rise 7:03 PM
8 Low 1:48 PM -0.8
8 High 8:01 PM 6.1



Today...SW winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts to 25 kt...increasing to 20 to 25
kt late this morning and afternoon. Seas 4 to 6 ft. A chance of showers and
tstms...mainly late. Some tstms may be severe with damaging winds.

Tonight...W winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts to 30 kt...becoming NW after
midnight. Seas 4 to 6 ft...subsiding to 3 to 4 ft after midnight. Showers
and tstms likely in the evening. Some tstms may be severe with damaging winds.

Sat...NW winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts to 30 kt...diminishing to 15 kt with
gusts to 20 kt in the afternoon. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Sat Night...NW winds 10 to 15 kt...becoming N after midnight. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Sun...NE winds 15 to 20 kt...diminishing to 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon.
Seas 3 to 4 ft...subsiding to 2 to 3 ft in the afternoon. A slight chance
of showers in the afternoon.

Sun Night...E winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. A chance of showers.

Mon...E winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft. A chance of showers.

Mon Night...NE winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. A slight chance of showers.

Tue...NE winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. A slight chance of showers.

Tue Night...SE winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft. A slight chance of showers.
Notice posted on Friday, February 24, 2012

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.